"I'm so high; the rainbow crowns my head: the rain rinses away my pain; the grass tickles my toes, and all I can do is smile at you."

"My yoga high allows me to perceive the world as it can be, even when it seems destined to crumble, because I know others like me visualize these possibilities. Therefore, positive change is inevitable."

The Yoga High

By Kenny Robinson

"A euphoric moment of happiness where the body, mind and spirit come together as one. It is like the time when Santa Claus was real, or your first love seemed everlasting."

"When I intentionally inhale deeply my body inflates and as I exhale all that seems painful or stressful leaves me, if only for a moment my body and mind are at peace. These small moments encourage me to keep coming back to this meditation. Even a little peace is better than none."

"Limited minds, limited lives"

"It is like cooking your favorite dish. you only want to put in those ingredients that will make the best meal.

You don't want to add anything that may sour the taste or interfere with the flavor."

"Most substances that get you high, leave you feeling dirty, tired, and guilty. A yoga high makes you feel like you have bathed in the spirit of the divine, without the regrets."